Laura is a teacher and writer whose refreshing approach and comprehensive knowledge of health sciences helps people to understand what keeps us well and what makes us ill. If you have questions about how bodies really work, then Laura is a brilliant explainer.

A physiologist and life coach, she is co-author of Dementia Care at a Glance and a contributing author to Education for sustainable development in further education

Laura is co-author, with Pamela Minett, of Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology for healthcare practice, which is currently in press (Lantern: Scion).  Laura has also written many articles and helped to create booklets and factsheets for the voluntary sector.

Through her writing and teaching, Laura’s mission is to help readers understand how to stay well and become better consumers of health information. Focusing on building understanding of just how and why stress and distresscontribute to so much ill health, Laura’s no nonsense, common sense and approach to health promotion is always based on sound evidence from physiology and health science.